Coyote Playback Servers

Powerful Playback, Simplified

Coyote Playback Servers come in two models; the Coyote Q3G and the Coyote S12G.

They both feature four 3G SDI outputs, configured as independent, spanned, synced, or UHD. The S12G model also has the ability to be configured for a 12G SDI output.

“The best 4k playback array on the market. A one of a kind player that is truly easy to use.”

Doug Paulson - Audio Visual Services


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Front Panel

Front display touch screen with in depth menu for set up and service

(2) front USB 3.1 A and C slots for ingest

2.5" SSD slot for adding your own drive. Ingest or save files with assets

Back Panel

HDMI MultiView output, Display for local operator view

SMPTE LTC time code output and Input for sync

Balanced analog XLR outputs for channels 1 and 2 w/ground lift

(2) rear USB 3.0 

(4) 3G SDI Outputs, 1080(p)(i) or 

(1) 12G SDI 2160p (Coyote S12G model) 

@23.94, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60

Genlock reference

(2) 1gig  and (2) 10gig ethernet ports:

control, transfer, ingest and audio


Year Warranty


* 2 year warranty on AJA Kona parts. 1 year warranty for all other parts and hardware. See legal page for details.


Coyote Control

Free control software designed to be intuitive and simple to use

Preset based for quick selection, easy  edits, in live environments

Simple drag and drop design allows you to start playing your presets on screen in just minutes  

Quickly Ingest native HEVC, Apple ProRes, VP90 and more! No need to transcode your files

Coyote Control user interface is based on presets, making it both flexible and powerful. Spanning and sync rolls are easy to design. The intuitive UI reduces training and expense. 

Friendly 3rd Party Control Software


Companion by Bitfocus

Front Touch Display

The front panel on the Coyote Server is not only informative and simple to use, 

it's loaded with features to control the entire system

The home page has all the stats you need for quick monitoring and system changes. The current resolution, mode and player status is all displayed in real-time

Easily change your network setting for all four adapters. Status indicator lets you know if a cable has come unplugged or if a network is connected.

Log files have now been added in v2.0 to allow for detailed information about your Coyote Server.

SDI Output


The Coyote has four SDI Outputs with the  ability to display resolutions from 1080i, 1080p and 2160p. With refresh rates of 23.94, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, and 60 the Coyote is ready for any demanding video environment.

In v2.0 we have added the ability to display HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision™ to offer truly amazing images. The Coyote supports wide color gamut BT 2020  


Standard on every Coyote, without any setup, 32 channels of embedded audio. 8 Channels down each SDI output.




2 Channel, Analog, line balanced XLR output. Select any player/video per preset.

HDMI Audio for local monitoring


SDI embedded Audio


Every Coyote comes with 4 separate SDI streams of 12M embedded timecode.



Dedicated Analog LTC selectable ouput





Mirror Mode

Allows for two Coyotes to be controlled by one UI. Every asset, preset and command is synced between the two automatically. The backup follows completely yet stays independent when playing files.






Internal SSD

NVMe M.2 Form Factor

3,470 MB/s Seq. Read

3,000 MB/s Seq. Write

Every Coyote comes with 2 Ultra fast NVMe M.2 SSDs. 1 for the OS and 1 dedicated for the playback drive. Using the latest NVMe storage technology, Choose the standard 500GB or upgrade your Coyote to a 1TB or 2TB drive.

*brand substitution may be required


I/O Card

For professional grade video and reliability, every Coyote has an AJA Kona I/O card inside

*Coyote Q3G

*Coyote S12G

At the heart of every Coyote is an AJA Kona I/O card. AJA is a leader in the video and broadcast markets. 

Workflow Examples

A truly all-in-one system designed to simply your workflow.



Local Monitor

Primary Coyote playback server


Back Up Coyote playback server (Mirror Mode)

Coyote Control



When a second Coyote is added to the network you can set them in Mirror Mode. The back-up Coyote will automatically ingest assets, copy presets and follow each transport command of the primary Coyote.


Companion Friendly

Coyote MultiView

Integrated MultiView on a dedicated HDMI output. 

4 - 1920 Quad Split

4K output

2 Single 1920 videos and a spanned 3840 video

The Coyote MultiView output is a dedicated HDMI output. The multi-view output mimics the four SDI outputs.

*Overlays and features will be added in a later release. Quad split is the current version


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Year Warranty

* 2 year warranty on AJA Kona parts. 1 year warranty for all other parts and hardware. See legal page for details.