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Powerful Playback, Simplified

The Coyote playback applications comes in two main products. Coyote Flex and Coyote Server. Coyote Flex is a standalone playback app that can run on any pro computer Mac or PC, and connects to a wide variety of hardware devices. 

Coyote Server is a 2RU hardware chassis that Sonoran Video Systems has designed for you. Using the incredible AJA Kona 5 I/O card, the Coyote Server is a powerful, reliable choice for all of your playback demands.

Sonoran _Play Logo_Flex_Alpha_Black.png
Sonoran _Play Logo_Server_Alpha_Black.png

Same easy to use, Software for Coyote Flex and Server

Coyote Front Reshoot v6_edited.png

Product Comparison Chart

Coyote Flex -Lite

Coyote Flex-HD

Coyote Flex-Ultra

Coyote Server - Q12G

Multiview Output


Software only for 
Linux, Mac & Windows

720p, 1080p(i), 2K, 2160p, 4k

16:9, 32:9, 48:9, 64:9,
2x2 - (4) x SDI/NDI

Mix of 1.5G, 3G, 6G or 12G streams