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A Thunderbolt™ 3, PCIe and NDI playback application 

Coyote Flex software is designed for the broadcast, virtual, and live event spaces.

Flex is a 2 seat license playback application that can be installed on Pro Mac, PC or Linux machines.

Coyote Flex utilizes technology to push multiple video streams via Thunderbolt™ 3 devices, PCIe Hardware or NDI® IP protocol. From just a simple 720p stream, to 
multiple HD/2K and UHD/4K streams played in sync or spanned across outputs, up to 8k or beyond files, the choice is yours. 

Coyote playback software is FLEX-ible for all of your playback needs

  • New Gstreamer engine and QT User Interface

  • Uses Thunderbolt™ 3, PCIe or NDI®

  • No Coyote Server Required

  • Mac, Linux or PC applications

  • 2 seat license for Primary and Backup 

  • Ultra wide screen layouts 16:9, 32:9, 48:9 and 64:9

  • 1.5G, 3G and 12G SDI with capable hardware

  • 2K and 4K DCI Resolutions

  • Easy UI based on a preset design

  • Up to 4 players, independent or spanned and always in sync. 

  • HDR10, BT.2020 with HLG and PQ Optical transfers

Whether you run your events with a Pro PC or a Mac, one or multiple outputs, Hardware or IP, Coyote Flex has you covered.

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Macbook Pro

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UltraStudio Monitor 3G

Do you require genlock or freerun? line balanced analog audio or SDI audio output ? Timecode or no timecode? With up to 6 different Thunderbolt™ 3 hardware devices to choose from and the ability to turn NDI on or off, Coyote Flex can get the job done for your event size and budget.
*Coyote Flex Software does not use the computers onboard GPU for sending video frame buffers out. Internal GPUs are used for hardware acceleration only. GPU card HDMI, DP, DVI 
and USB-C outputs are not supported. 

Don't have SDI hardware? No Problem. Stream up to 4 channels of video and audio using the latest NDI® IP technology. Send network AV packets over ethernet to your favorite switchers or NDI® capable devices.


Did you know you can use NDI® simultaneously with SDI!


Skate Park

Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3

Stream 4

NDI® works with these great products and more

Computer Programming

Coyote Flex Software

Coyote Flex is designed to be intuitive, powerful yet simple to use.

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Preset based for quick selection, easy  edits and multiple different layouts.

4 player countdowns ensure you have full control of every video playing out.

Simple click and select design allows you to start playing your presets on screen in just minutes  

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Quickly Ingest native HEVC, Apple ProRes, VP9 and more! No need to transcode your files

Coyote Control user interface is based on presets, making it both flexible and powerful. Spanning and sync rolls are easy to design. The intuitive UI reduces training and expense. 

Friendly 3rd Party Control Software


Companion by Bitfocus

Integrated Stream Deck Application.

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  • Follows the UI and is updated in real time

  • Custom Colors

  • Live timecode countdown

  • Preset and transport buttons