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  • What is the Coyote?
    The Coyote Q3G and S12G are 2RU playback servers with a preset-based control software application for Windows. (Mac coming soon). Both models of Coyote feature four channels of up to 1080p SDI output, configured as independent, spanned, sync or quad 2160p. The S12G model can aslo output 12G on a singel line. We use the most advanced components for incredibly reliable performance. Our Coyote Control software is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. Built as an all-in-one playback solution the Coyote is priced to be the most affordable in the industry, rivaling the quality of playback systems costing 5 times as much. For more information, check out the product specs.
  • Do you offer equipment financing?
    Yes, Sonoran Video Systems has parterned with Centra Funding to offer a quick and affordable equipment financing option for our customers. Monthly Payments as low as $525. *Based on $11,999 MSRP for Coyote Q3G, with 24 monthly installments @ 4.5% APR for well qualified buyers. More Info
  • Where can I buy the Coyote Playback Servers?
    Contact Sonoran Video Systems to place your order, or request a quote via our web site and a team member will follow up with you shortly. Get in Touch
  • What OS is the hardware unit built on?
    The Coyote server is built on Windows 10 Pro OEM.
  • On which OS can the GUI be installed?
    Coyote Control is built on Electron using Chromium Foundation, so it's compable with Mac or PC. We recommend using the latest OS on either platform.
  • How are updates handled?
    Updates will be handled manually by the User. It is an easy user interface .exe install on the client machine, then a simple upload to the server, Any downloads and new versions will be available on our web site,
  • Can it do onboard warping and pixel mapping?
    Warping may be in a future release. At the moment the Coyote does not have any 3D capabilities. The Coyote will have the ability to size, stretch, span, etc.
  • Are the Coyote outputs really frame accurate?
    Yes! The Coyote plays in sync and is frame accurate across each output and from file to file. The heart of the Coyote is the Kona 5 I/O card. As data is decoded in the processor the information gets sent to the Kona card and distributed out of each output simultaneoulsy.
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