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Coyote Playback Servers

The Coyote D12G playback servers, are designed to playback the most popular video and still codecs in a flexible multiple video canvas design

Coyote D12G

Can be configured as a mix of Dual 2160p with 720p/1080p outputs or a mix of four 720p, 1080i(p) outputs, the Coyote D12G can be also play media files as independent single output, span across outputs or run videos per preset. 


The Coyote servers are controlled via ethernet on a separate client computer (not included) using our free Coyote Control application. You also have the choice to use your own third party controllers and command software using a JSON TCP connection.


Coyote Server Software


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Latest Server and Control Software for all Coyote Servers.


uploaded 2/20/2021

*Coyote servers required

The Coyote Server Software is a free control application for Windows 10 PC (Mac coming soon)  perpetual license

Latest Release v2.6

  • FEATURE: StreamDeck integration for Coyote Control, supports Original and XL models

  • FEATURE: Disk usage reporting in Front Panel, improved disk management

  • FEATURE: All-new asset management code, supports proper checksums, sports improved stability

Up Next v3.0

  • New Gstreamer and QT Platforms

  • NDI®  Support

  • 12G+ Dual 12G outputs with a mix of 720p and 1080p


Coming Soon